Exercise and play times

We believe exercise is a vital part of your dogs welbeing, ensuring they are kept fit,happy and healthy, both physically and mentally during their stay with us.

Here at the Old Dairy Dog Hotel we have many ways of keeping your dog well exercised and most importantly mentally stimulated.

Boredom is not on the agenda hence us only having such a small number of kennels,this enables us to spend lots of time not just exercising your dog but also spending one to one play times in our secure paddocks.

For our older or very young guests, play times and exercise are adapted to suit their individual needs.

Pack walks are available to suitable dogs,please discuss this option when you drop your dog off.

18 acres of land for exercise.

2 Lakes

Play area with sand pit for digging, mound for climbing and Tuggies for swinging on.

Being a small kennel means your dog receives lots of individual time with us,be it for play,walks or just cuddles during their quiet time.

Dog Training

With almost 40 years experience training dogs of all breeds and types, we have the knowledge and experience to help overcome many training problems,be it a basic training issue or a more complex behavioural problem. 

We offer one to one lessons for those who wish to receive expert help and advice to train their dog themselves or we also offer residential training  whereby your dog receives intensive training whilst staying in the comfort of our dog hotel.Many owners take advantage of this very successful service whilst they are on holiday and the dog would be staying with us already,results are usually way  above owners expectations,handler training is included in the package .

All training is carried out using methods that are appropriate to the individual dog,its problems and responses, using positive praise,play and reward based techniques.

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Whilst you dog is staying with us we will feed them as per your instructions.

The same number of feeds.

The same type/brand of feed.

Whilst we keep an extensive variety of most of the premium commercial feeds/biscuits, if your dog is on either a special diet or a less popular feed,then we do then ask that you bring enough to last for the duration of your dogs stay with us.This is to ensure no upset tummies.

Our own dogs are all fed on a raw natural diet which we feel is probably the best diet a dog can have,if you have considered changing your dog onto a raw diet and would like us to gradually introduce your dog to this type of diet whilst they are staying, we will be very happy to advise.

 Pet Grooming

Whilst we do not have a grooming parlour, we will carry out maintanence grooming, keeping your dogs coat in the same condition as it was when it arrived,also keeping their coat clean and tidy after walks whilst staying with us.

If you require an extra brush out and nail trim before you collect your dog we do make a small additional charge for this service.